Award-winning songwriter Rob Kneisler originally hails from Michigan where he was extremely active musically in his earlier years, performing in venues all around the Great Lakes Region. But then there was a relatively quiet decade or two where Rob didn’t get out much and could frequently be found hunkered over a guitar in a dark room trying to figure out how guys like Bruce Cockburn, Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges managed to do what they did. Now that this is mostly out of his system, Rob is back out in public again doing what comes naturally: learning, writing, laughing and accurately playing far more Bruce Cockburn tunes than one would ordinarily expect an individual to know. About Rob's fingerstyle technique, J. W. McClure says that, "archeologists many years from now will find that thumb and wonder what it was used for."

Rob performs as a solo songwriter and cover artist and also as a member of The Whateverly Brothers, a versatile maritime trio with an extremely wide range of musical styles.