Rob has been performing in front of audiences for over thirty years. He has one self-titled EP out, appears on the 2017 recording, "Making The Cut: Songs Of The Lake Washington Ship Canal And Ballard Locks" and his first studio recording titled "Lift Me Up" was released in June of 2020. Here are a few selected songs, mostly recorded in the home studio or using a hand-held digital device.  


"Love Is Like" - I heard a song once on the radio that was full of what I thought of as rather hapless and lazy metaphors about love. This is my response.   
"Still, The Salmon Run" - Most indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest that relied on salmon had in one form or another a ceremony where they would catch the first fish of a year's run and then wait a while before resuming the catch. This allowed enough salmon to pass and spawn to ensure that there would be fish for future generations. 2nd Prize Winner of the Robert Kotta Memorial Songwriting Contest at the 2017 Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival.  
"Lift Me Up" - A song about the Ballard Locks and Lake Washington Ship Canal. This song was included in the "Making The Cut" compilation CD referred to above. Basically a little love ditty to the waterway along with meditations on back and forth, up and down, and then and now.
"Last Man Standing" - A song I wrote concerting Ernest Shackleton's 1914 Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition and the value of having shipmates you can rely upon. 2nd Prize winner in the Robert Kotta Memorial Songwriting Contest at the 11th Annual Port Gamble Maritime Music Festival, 2016.   
"Grasshopper Baggage" - A song I wrote about travel without itinerary. Sort of a montage of my favorite journeys. Winner of the 1st Annual T. R. Ritchie Memorial Songwriting Contest at the 2016 Juniper Jam in Enterprise, Oregon.